Ferries/boats ticketing


Ubuntu Voyages does ferry ticketing for your travel on the Kivu Lake from Goma - Bukavu -Goma.

There are ferries and speedboats that connect Goma and Bukavu cities. The speed-boat takes 3 hours and the big ferries take a maximum of 7 hours.

For speedboat:
We highly recommend those owned by Ihusi: Kivu Queen, Kivu King and Kivu Princess. The ticket costs US 50$ with 10 kg baggage allowance. Departure time: 7h30 AM. Arrival: 10h30 AM.
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For big ferries:
We highly recommend: Akonkwa (1 and 2), Emmanuel (1, 2 and 3), Rafiki and Mugote. If you are not in a rush, big ferries are recommended to enjoy what Kivu Lake has to offer: beautiful landscapes, the magnificent Mitumba Mountain range that will accompany you until your arrival, Idjwi Island, etc. Many of these ferries are equipped with a restaurant and a dancing club, where people go to dance and have a drink. The ticket costs US 25$ for the first class and less for other classes. Departure time: 7h30 AM. Arrival: 2h00-2h30 PM.
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