Health and Society


Considering that mental health system is underdeveloped and that our community has experienced a cycle of violence with many consequences such as: deaths, epidemics, displacement, sexual violence, HIV, poverty, humanitarian crisis, etc.; we organize activities for trauma healing and the practice of mindfulness as an inner resource to cope with difficulties in life. We also assist street children with food, clothes, etc. We have a project of assistance to pygmies, women, people with disabilities, etc.

Tricycles to persons with disabilities.

Ubuntu Voyages distributes tricycles to persons with disabilities. This project is one of many opportunities to put compassion in action. Instead of showing only compassion, we help disabled people to enhance their livelihood. Some of them are member of handicapped people cooperatives practicing cross border small scale trade between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The handicapped people tricycles offer a low-cost alternative for those trading goods between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and enjoy the advantage of being a tax-free way to export products across the border. It helps disabled people to meet the need of their household (food, school fees for their kids, build a house, etc.)
How It Works

• Ubuntu Voyages distribute wheel-chairs, tricycles, crutches, etc. to poor and needy disabled individuals with the support of donors and well-wishers.
• Once a month, Ubuntu Voyages organize a session of mindfulness practices for the beneficiaries of this project.
• Ubuntu Voyages continue to look for more donors to support the project. Through ‘Pack for purpose’ initiative, we are hoping to receive in future appliances (calipers, crutches, etc.) from some of our tourists.
• So far, there is only one donor who is supporting this project.

• 6 – Number of beneficiaries who have already received tricycles
•14 – Number of beneficiaries in the waiting list
• USD 300$ – Cost of one tricycle