About us

Ubuntu Voyages welcome you to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, mysterious lands full of wonders which make them ultimate African adventure destinations.
We provide a wide range of travel services and offer opportunities for alternative tourism (eco-tourism and responsible tourism). Our mission is grounded in the philosophy of Ubuntu. The word “Ubuntu” is a Nguni word - Nguni languages are a group of bantu languages spoken in southern Africa by Nguni people. The nguni proverb “Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu” describes the core principle of Ubuntu and is translated as a person is a person through other persons. This can be rephrased as ‘I am, because of you’. The word ‘Ubuntu’ is also present in many bantu languages spoken in the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi; and it means “the fact of being a human”.
Our mission is to offer opportunities for people from different cultures and backgrounds to meet and connect, to strengthen and spread the philosophy of Ubuntu through tourism; and to go beyond psychological and geographical barriers between people for common interest of happiness in living and working together for a sustainable development; and finally to promote African values, among them solidarity and hospitality; remembering that the later has been known as the characteristic of the Democratic Republic of Congo when it was called Zaire. .
Vision: To bring all human beings to discover and appreciate, via tourism, what they have in common.


Managing Director
Romuald Adili Amani: Born and raised in Minova - a small village in South Kivu province, which is at the border with North Kivu province - Romuald Adili Amani is a researcher who has worked with local organizations. From his experience in research and travel to different villages and towns in the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, he realized that tourism can play a significant role in promoting sustainable development, peace and contributing to the economy of local people. Romuald has been involved in tourism since 2010. For him, a tourist is not just a tourist, but a person who brings hope. Aside from his work as a researcher, Romuald Adili is responsible for client contacts and project coordination at Ubuntu Voyages.
Romuald Adili works with an experienced and dedicated team of tour guides and social workers.
Emmanuel Rufubya (Consultant): Emmamuel is a professional tour leader who holds a degree in Tourism. Since 2007, Emmanuel started working in tourism and he is well-known as an experienced and dedicated tour operator and guide in the DRC, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.
Pierrot Bushala: Projects Manager: Pierrot has a good experience in projects management. He studied Public Health and has worked with different local and International organizations in Goma. He is a friendly person, very dedicated to the community.

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