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Seaweed Plantation + Kuza Cave Tour

1 Day


Kuza Cave is in Jambiani, East Coast Zanzibar, offers a unique experience for adventurous nature-lovers, snorkellers, divers and people interested in Swahili Culture.  The cave is a 50 metre round sink hole in the middle of a small jungle in Jambiani, East Coast Zanzibar.


We will drive you to the South East of Zanzibar to reach Paje Village to explore the

Seaweed Farming & Processing Centre.


During the low tide you will have a chance to visit The sea weed firm and processing center to see how

the women of Paje use the sea weed to make their living by transforming it into skin care

products such as organic soaps, scrubs and essential oils.


We then proceed our drive to Kuza Cave – An ancient hidden tropical limestone jungle cave with crystal

clear turquoise fresh water located at Jambiani Village approximately 10 minutes  drive from the village

of Paje.

This cave is a result of over 250,000 years of rainwater eroding the limestone. A large natural rock

sculpture in the shape of an elephant was used by locals as an alter to make offerings to the spirits who

live in the cave and request their support.


You will cross a small bridge to enter the cave, a 50 metre round sink hole and then climb down a few

stairs to reach a fresh water pool made from the underground water table and subterranean stream

where one can enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear turquoise water

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Seaweed Plantation + Kuza Cave Tour